Satisfaction of our guests is always the most important during our holiday. That is why we host no more than 8 persons at a time. Such groups allow for undisturbed sightseeing and mobility. Your driving speed is not that important. In such small groups anyone can feel comfortable. If you have just started driving recently and you are not sure of your ability to drive in mountainous terrain, do not worry – we have tracks prepared specially for you. If necessary, less skilled drivers can drive sightseeing tracks along the coasts and valleys with a second guide.

We live in Andalusia, so we do not use hotels, we never cancel our tours – the tour is launched even with one person. Every client is equally important for us.

Each holiday with Moto del Sol lasts one week, Saturday to Saturday. You can arrive to us alone or in a group. If you are afraid that you will be lonely, do not worry. We have many guests riding solo, you can easily make new motorcycling friends. What is more, our guides and instructors are people with extraordinary personalities and abilities to organize free time – anyone visiting us, certainly will not be bored.



Book the date of tour and flight tickets for a time that suits you best. You will find information about flight connections from Poland to Andalusia at . You can book the date and motorcycle via our website or by contacting our manager, Ola (+48 535 947 925). After booking the reservation and making the advance payment, we will contact you, answering all your questions and presenting guidelines regarding preparation for the trip. Remember to send to us information about your flight, so we can pick you up from the airport.

After landing in Malaga, our residents will be already waiting for you. They will transfer you to our house in Marbella. This trip is realised in a comfortable, air conditioned bus, Opel Vivaro.

After reaching the house, on Saturday, you will have some time to get accustomed and to learn about the neighbourhood. During the information meeting you will be presented with rules mandatory through the next 7 days of stay and tours. We will complete the formalities connected with renting the motorcycle and sign all necessary documents, we will also hand over the motorcycle to you and we will talk about local driving habits. The day of arrival is an organisation day, during which we do not do any rides.  

We start each following day with breakfasting together. We meet at 8.30 and during the meal we talk about the route, the things we are going to see, and the preparations for the day. We believe that everyone leaving our house has a full stomach and lots of energy. After the meal we have time for preparation. At 10.00 we meet at the machines, where a short briefing takes place. Our everyday routes are around 250km of winding Andalusian roads, that equals from 6 to 8 hours on a motorcycle.


SUNDAY is the first day of our trips. This briefing is usually longer than on the next days. We have to care about your safety and comfort, so beside talking about rules of riding with a guide, we help you with preparations and adjusting your motorcycle to your individual preferences. On Sunday we always take a trip that will get you going and accustomed to the motorcycle of your choice. We use this day to make assessment of our guests’ experience and preferences, in order to adjust the remaining trips and speed to the group. On the first day we cover around 250km. We make a few stops at viewpoints. In the middle of the trip we make a pause for dinner in one of the Spanish restaurants. We return to the house around 18.00.


MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY – the following days are similar in terms of organisation. Each day we meet at breakfast and after 10.00 we depart for one of the tracks prepared by us. Selection of track is often influenced by the weather in the particular region, your preferences and condition. Each of the trips has many values, and each is different from others. Usually we return to the house around 18.00. Then there is free time in the evening, which you can spend on resting, integration or on walks to the beach, which can be reached from our house in 15 minutes. We advise on visiting Marbella or Malaga during your free time. The lit narrow streets of the old town with countless restaurants, create a unique atmosphere. During longer trips you have to remember that rest before the day on a motorcycle is obligatory – there is 200km of mountain tracks waiting for you every day.


FRIDAY – this is our free day. You can make a trip on your own or with other guests. After five days of riding together you have some experience and knowledge about the region. We always suggest places worth seeing, which we have not visited together. We can help with selecting the route and point spots that may interest you. In the evening of the last day, after everyone has returned to the house we have time to summarize the week. It is the time for returning the motorcycle and settling the remaining formalities. The rest of the evening is designated for relax, and preparations for your flight.


SATURDAY – this is the last day of your motorcycling adventure in Andalusia. We start with breakfast, after which we pack up and drive you to the airport.


We hope that a week with Moto del Sol will leave you with a collection of amazing memories and unforgettable emotions. Andalusia offers a countless amount of breath taking routes, which cannot be explored during a single stay. We believe that you will come back to us, to drive hundreds of kilometres.